The Essential Things A Contractor Does To Waterproof Your Home's Foundation

Posted on: 13 July 2020

It doesn't matter the season or where you live: moisture can affect any home that isn't properly waterproofed. One of the key ways a contractor waterproofs a home is by fortifying the concrete foundation and basement area of the home. This is done in a couple different ways, and with a small investment you can protect your home from both minor and serious water damage.

Settlement Problems That Emerge

Settlement is usually something that happens after a home is first built. While it's normal for some settlement cracks to emerge in the foundation, if these cracks are never repaired, they can increase and expand when they are exposed to moisture. Even if your home is older, it doesn't mean that any of the previous owners ever had the minor cracks repaired.  A contractor will provide your foundation with a thorough exam, both of the interior and exterior parts of the foundation, to find all minor cracks and repair them. Filling in the cracks with new concrete will prevent the cracks from expanding and spreading. Small crack repairs are usually a relatively inexpensive foundation repair, but these repairs keep your foundation strong against the elements.

Seal the Outside Concrete With Sealant

Once your contractor patches up all of the concrete damage, he or she will be able to seal off the concrete completely. This is done in a couple of different ways. There are sealants that have a clear coat, which fills in the porous spots of the concrete completely. Another effective way to seal your concrete is with a concrete paint. Concrete paints work in the basement as well as on the exterior of the home, and they are often effective for several years. If you want to change the look of your home, adding paint to your foundation can be a way to make your home look newer, too. One of the added benefits of using a paint as a sealant is that you can tell when your foundation needs more sealant as the paint starts to wear off. Other sealants are not as obvious as to when they are wearing down.

The foundation of your home is what holds the whole structure together. Without a strong foundation, your home may not stay structurally sound. It's worth it to invest in the cost of exterior waterproofing for your home's foundation if you don't want moisture getting into the concrete and into your basement area.

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