Summer AC Services To Prevent Freezing Units

Posted on: 27 July 2020

One of the worst problems that you can have with your AC during summer weather is the unit freezing. This is a problem that can cause your home to heat up quickly and damage several components. Therefore it is important to have AC services help with preventative maintenance to avoid the problems with AC components icing over. The following AC services will help you with the care that needs to be done to prevent freezing problems:

Start Monthly AC Maintenance Early

Begin your monthly AC maintenance early by contacting AC services in spring. If you have not started a monthly maintenance schedule, now is a good time to start. The monthly AC maintenance services will usually include the following tasks:

  • Changing air filters
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting the air conditioner for problems
  • Cleaning the condensing unit and coils if needed

These are some of the jobs that a monthly AC service contract will cover. The benefit to the monthly maintenance is that problems are usually caught and repaired before they become costlier issues with your air conditioning.

Change Filters Frequently During Heatwaves

The summer heatwaves can cause a lot of problems with your AC, which can be avoided by simply changing the filter. Therefore, you will want to change the air filter more frequently when you are using your cooling more. Try changing the filter at least twice a month and maybe once a week if you are having problems with components getting dirty and freezing.

Service the AC Unit When There Are High Pollen Counts

Sometimes, there are more particles in the air during the summer months. This can be due to dry weather, or it can be due to high pollen counts. When there is poor air quality outside, you may need to have the AC condensing unit serviced to prevent freezing. The maintenance of the condensing unit will include cleaning and inspecting it for damage.

Thaw the AC Unit and Call an AC Service for Help With Freezing

Even when you try to have all the right maintenance done to your AC, it can still freeze over. This is a problem that will require you to turn the main AC power off and let the ice on components thaw. Once the unit has completely thawed, call an AC maintenance service for help cleaning the system and inspecting the components for damage that the ice may have caused.

These AC services will help you avoid the problems with components freezing that cause your home to heat up quickly. If you need help with air conditioner maintenance and repairs before the next heatwave, contact AC services to schedule a visit from a company such as Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.