The Asphalt Paving Planning Guide For Improved Commercial Parking Facilities

Posted on: 27 July 2020

If you are ready to replace old dirt or worn parking areas, asphalt can provide a lot of benefits. If you are going to use asphalt pavement, good planning can help reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of your new parking pavement. The following planning guide for asphalt pavement will help you improve commercial parking lots:

  • Begin the Paving Plan with Good Drainage—Any paving project needs to start with good drainage designs. You want to plan on having drain lines and curbing installed before the paving is started. The drainage system will help to prevent problems with standing water and weather damage that can affect the asphalt pavement. The well-planned drainage system will help reduce these problems to ensure the new pavement lasts for years, and you have to deal with fewer costly repairs or resurfacing.
  • Consider Adding Green Islands to Parking Areas—The green space around your property is important, and a large asphalt parking lot can be unsightly. Therefore, you may want to consider adding green features to the parking lots. This can be done by building green islands that help to break up the parking area with landscaped areas.
  • Textured and Stamped Asphalt Paving Benefits—There are a lot of options for more attractive asphalt pavement finishes for your parking lot. One of the options that you will want to consider is a stamped pavement, which will be textured. This can be a great solution for an attractive feature, as well as traffic control to ensure your parking facilities are safe. The textured pavement can be used where you want to add speed breaker features to your commercial parking facilities.
  • Seal Coating and Parking Lot Painting to Complete Pavement—The last step in the paving of your parking facility is to have it seal coated. A seal coating will help give the pavement color, as well as protect it from wear and damage that can increase maintenance costs. After the seal coating, parking lot painting can be done to add design features and mark parking spaces with lines. Painting the parking lot is also good for signage and traffic signals that are often needed for larger parking facilities.

The right asphalt pavement design and finishes will give your commercial parking facilities attractive new pavement. When you get ready to update your parking, contact an asphalt paving service to begin planning these solutions to reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of your parking lot.