3 Practical Reasons To Expand Your Home

Posted on: 22 July 2021

A home addition might seem like a luxury, but there are plenty of practical reasons to consider extending your living space. Among your options for home renovations, an expansion can easily rank as one of the most beneficial and cost-effective. If you haven't considered adding on to your home before, then check out these three practical ways you can benefit from one of these modifications.

1. Repurpose Unused Space With a Garage Conversion

Does your home have a two-car garage but your family only uses one car? Or do you commonly park your vehicles on the street or your driveway instead of storing them inside? Whatever the case, a garage conversion is perhaps one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to increase your home's interior living space.

By converting some or all of your home's unnecessary garage real estate into living space, you can take an otherwise unused portion of your house and turn it into one or more rooms for your family to enjoy. Depending on the size of your garage, its condition, and the availability of plumbing and electrical, this conversion may also be one of the cheapest ways to expand your home.

2. Avoid Costly Moving Expenses

Home prices are climbing rapidly, making upgrading to a more spacious house a challenging prospect for many families. If you've been desperately watching real estate sites for any sign of a cooling market, then a home addition may be a more budget-friendly option. Constructing an expansion might be especially appealing if you already enjoy your existing home but just want some more space.

An addition also allows you to benefit from a hot housing market. High home values mean that anything you do to increase the value of your home can have an outsized impact. Expanding your house now may pay off significantly if and when you eventually decide to sell your home in the future.

3. Expand Your Existing Space

You don't need to add entirely new rooms to your house to enjoy the benefits of an addition. If you don't need an extra bedroom or bathroom, it may be worth considering your existing rooms. Is your master bedroom too small? Are you finding yourself bumping shoulders in a tiny kitchen? These might be indications that a "bump-out" addition will be an excellent fit.

As the name implies, a bump-out addition builds on one or more existing rooms. You can pair this type of addition with other renovation work, such as expanding your kitchen as you modernize it. Taking this approach can save you some money on hiring contractors while making more significant improvements than you could with a renovation alone.

Reach out to a home addition service to learn more.