Do You Require Plumbing Services For Your Sump Pump?

Posted on: 26 July 2021

When some homeowners think of plumbing problems in their home, they automatically believe that they will manifest as low water pressure, a malfunctioned hot water system, and blockages in their kitchen sink, but these are not the only things that can go wrong. One element that is often overlooked but plays a critical role for your residence is your sump pump.

Sump pumps have the primary function of ensuring any water that seeps into your basement, whether due to a plumbing leak or flooding during a rainstorm, is immediately pumped out of it. Hence, it also works to protect against structural damage to your home. Nonetheless, as with many other appliances, sump pumps are susceptible to defects that could jeopardize their operation. To avoid any unfortunate mishaps in your home, here are some of the signs of the need for plumbing services for your sump pump.

Extensive rusting

Depending on how often you make use of your sump pump, it is probably exposed to water for a considerable amount of time. The more prolonged the period, the higher the chances of the moisture making its way to several internal components such as the battery terminals and other metallic parts.

Once this occurs, rust develops and starts to spread around the sump pump gradually. When caught early, the functionality of your sump pump can be restored. However, if this goes a while without any professional attention, the internal parts will succumb to damage and your sump pump loses its ability to eliminate water when needed to. Thus, you would have to enlist plumbing services for its replacement.

Blockages in the discharge pipe

All sump pumps are outfitted with discharge pipes. These components are tasked with directing water away from the basement and into a designated area that you have chosen the moisture to drain out to. If debris is typically mixed in with the water being collected, it is only a matter of time before detritus such as organic matter, pebbles, and more get caught inside the discharge pipe.

In some cases, you could identify these blockages by simply removing the pipe's screen and using a flashlight to peer inside it. If you notice any clogs, you can try scraping them out and rinsing the pipe. In other cases, however, the blockages may be locked in hard-to-access parts of the discharge pipe. For this instance, it is vital to call a plumbing contractor, such as Du-West Foundation Repair, for your sump pump so that you do not stand the risk of damaging it irreparably.