Special Features A Deck Builder Can Include In Your Deck

Posted on: 28 July 2021

One of the great benefits of having your deck designed and built just for you by a professional is that you can have the deck customized with a variety of special features. Whether those features are aesthetic, functional, or accessibility-related, your deck contractor can help you work out how best to fit them into the design.

Here are some of the special features you could have your contractor include in your deck design and construction.

1. Custom Railings

Many deck projects include railings, both for aesthetics and safety. During the planning stage, you can talk to your contractor about what you'd like your deck railing to look like and what your priorities are for the railing.

For example, if your priority is a long-lasting, low-maintenance railing, your contractor could use aluminum railing materials. Or if you have a specific aesthetic you want to incorporate, your contractor can work with you to design a railing to those specifications.

2. Built-in Furniture

Deck furniture can contrast with your deck or match it. If you like the idea of furniture that matches the deck, why not include some deck furniture that's built-in using decking material? For example, you could have a bench installed near the door or a window-seat next to the railing where you can relax and enjoy the view of your yard.

3. Gazebo or Pergola

If you enjoy gardening or even just like the aesthetic of climbing vines, including a pergola can be a great way to customize your deck. You can have your contractor include the pergola in the deck design, and later you can grow grapes, roses, or even jasmine up the structure. 

A gazebo is a similar structure that you could include in your deck design. Unlike a pergola, a gazebo will typically have a solid roof to provide added protection from sun or rain, which can bring even more versatility for your outdoor living space.

4. Accessibility Features

If you have accessibility concerns, be sure to talk to your deck contractor about them during the planning and design phase of the project. Your contractor can help add accessibility features such as ramps or even a wheelchair lift to your deck, plus things like safety lighting and wide, smooth deck surfaces.

These are just some types of special features that you can have your deck builder add during a deck construction project. For more information about the best design practices, the decking materials available, and ideas for deck design and customization, get in touch with a local deck builder today.