3 Common Types Of Damage You'll Want A Roof Repair Contractor To Fix So Your Roof Won't Leak

Posted on: 8 November 2022

No matter what kind of roofing material you have, it needs to be checked periodically by a roofer for signs of damage so repairs can be done when they're needed. Asphalt shingle roofs are probably the easiest to damage when compared to metal and tile, so you'll want to check asphalt shingles more often. Here are a few types of damage asphalt shingles could have that a roof repair contractor can fix to prevent a roof leak.

1. Holes Gnawed Through The Roof

If you have trees close to your house that encourage birds, rats, or raccoons to get on your roof, your shingles and roof deck could sustain damage. Rats can gnaw through all kinds of building materials, and they can be a real threat when they decide to break into your roof and live in your attic.

Raccoons can also be determined to break in. Raccoons and rats are smart and persistent, so it could be a matter of time before they gain entry to your attic. A roof repair contractor can help fix this problem by closing up gnaw holes. However, you'll also have to deal with your pest problem or the animals may return and gnaw a new opening.

2. Fascia Boards Are Rotted

It's fairly common for fascia boards to rot, especially if you don't keep up with cleaning your gutters. When water backs up in the troughs, it can spill against the fascia boards and cause them to rot. Rotting boards are a big problem because the damp wood invites insect, bird, and animal pests to start pecking, gnawing, and burrowing into the wood.

Rotted fascia boards can be replaced. If your gutters are old and you need new gutters too, the gutter company may replace your boards when they put in new gutters. If you don't need new gutters, you can have a roof repair contractor replace the rotted boards with new ones.

They may also need to check around the first row of shingles and the edge of your roof for signs of water damage. If the fascia boards have rotted, there could also be damage to your roof deck and shingles. If so, the roof repair contractor needs to replace those, too.

3. Shingles Are Damaged Or Worn Down

One of the most common types of roof repairs you'll probably need is to have damaged shingles replaced. The roofer may need to replace several after a bad storm or they may just need to replace one that got lifted by a tree branch scraping against the roof.

It's always good for all the shingles on your roof to be in good shape and flat against the roof deck. When the shingles are damaged or loose, a roof leak could develop at any time, so prompt repairs protect your home from water damage.

Reach out to roof repair contractors near you to learn more.