Want A Fireplace For Your Home? 2 Types To Choose From

Posted on: 25 November 2022

A fireplace is a great way to add heat to your home or simply sit and enjoy the ambiance of a fire burning. If you are wanting a fireplace, you will find you have many options to choose from. Below are two types you will find so you can decide what would look best in your home.

Gas Fireplace

Most gas fireplaces can heat an entire room cutting down your energy bills during the winter months. There are three types of gas fireplaces available. One is the insert gas fireplace that you will need to retrofit into a firebox. There are also built-in gas fireplaces which are where you want to install a new fireplace and there is no current fireplace in your home. There are also log sets which are burners that sit in open, existing fireplaces you already have in your home. 

Built-in and insert gas fireplaces produce the most heat for your home. Log sets are generally only used for décor purposes, and they provide little heat but still give you the look of having a fire burning. You do have to also install a vent with a gas fireplace to vent the exhaust and fumes outside of your home. 

Wood Fireplace

There is also the traditional wood fireplace that burns wood to create a fire. This can be expensive to install if you do not already have a fireplace in your home. Not only does the fireplace have to be installed but a chimney as well. It is well worth the cost, however, as a wood fireplace can heat your home well and also increases its value. 

Sitting next to a wood fireplace with the smells and hearing the crackling of a fire can be relaxing. Also the warmth you feel from the fireplace when sitting close to it can make you feel relaxed when it is cold outside. Once you get past the installation costs it is less costly to have a wood fireplace. The only thing you have to purchase is the wood and store it in a garage or other area. If your electricity goes out your wood fireplace will still work to keep you warm and provide you with light. You do have to keep the chimney clean regularly, however, which you can do by hiring a chimney sweep. 

Talk with a company that sells fireplaces and they can go over these and tell you of other types that are available.