How To Save Money On Residential Propane Tank Refill

Posted on: 2 February 2023

Ask any homeowner that uses propane for heating and they will likely tell you that propane is a highly efficient fuel for the purpose. However, if you live in a cold climate or deal with especially cold or long winters, the cost of propane can sometimes be difficult to work into your budget. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can save money on residential propane tank refills. Take a look at a few ideas for saving money that you may be able to use when having your propane tank refilled. 

Buy Propane in Bulk to Save Money 

In general terms, the more propane you can buy with each delivery, the cheaper your overall costs will be. Even if the propane company you work with charges the same rate no matter how much propane you buy, you will save money in the long term by not having to pay a delivery surcharge by having smaller quantities delivered multiple times. For some property owners, it can even be more economical to invest in or rent a larger propane tank to get more fuel delivered at one time. 

Avoid Fees That Can be Avoided 

A residential propane tank refill should be a straightforward process that does not involve a lot of additional fees. However, you could be paying extra fees for certain services you don't actually need or that can be avoided. For example, if you pay to have your tank evaluated for leaks with each refill, this may not be necessary. Simply opt to have the tank evaluated for leaks once per season so you avoid the additional charges. 

Shop Around to Find the Best Propane Prices 

Propane prices can be fairly consistent in one geographic location because most places try to compete with each other. Nevertheless, you may be able to save money by checking with all surrounding propane suppliers to see who has the best price. Even though saving a few cents per gallon may not sound like a lot, this can truly add up if you go through a large volume of propane. 

Look for Promotional Discounts 

Periodically, propane companies will offer promotional discounts that can save customers a lot of money on a propane tank refill. For example, you may find a company that offers you a low, locked-in rate if you sign up for a contract with them specifically to refill your tank for the full season. These promotional offers could easily fetch hundreds of dollars of savings over the course of a heating season, especially if propane rates increase unexpectedly.  

Speak to a residential propane tank refill service to find out more.