Face-Framed Cabinetry

Posted on: 28 April 2023

Face-framed cabinets are a popular option used in kitchens that feature modern or classic design elements. Learn how this type of kitchen cabinet is installed, plus explore various materials that can be used to construct each of the cabinetry components.

Face-Framed Cabinets

Face-framed cabinet designs use flat pieces of wood to create a border around a cabinet box. A face-framed style can be used for one or more cabinets. If a group of cabinets is going to be installed, the border pieces will be installed vertically and horizontally around all of the cabinets.

A beautiful border will complement the new cabinetry. It will also add protection to cabinetry. Thick wood pieces that are used to construct a border will prevent cabinets from shifting. Border pieces that are used in face-framed designs will add symmetry to a kitchen design.

Face-framed cabinets are relatively easy to install. If the walls within your kitchen are slightly uneven, choosing a face-framed design may be of interest to you. This cabinet style will provide the illusion of perfectly straight walls. 

Cabinet Materials

Face-framed cabinets are commonly constructed of natural or synthetic wood materials. Before you choose authentic or faux wood products, assess the design work that is featured in your kitchen. You may want to correlate the cabinet style with the design elements that are already featured.

If your entire kitchen is going to be upgraded, use color swatches and material samples to help you choose a cabinet material and color that will work well with all of the other materials that will be used during the kitchen renovation process. 

Face-Framed Cabinet Styles

Ask your contractor to show you some cabinet styles that will tie into your kitchen's design. Standard cabinetry will consist of a cabinet box, rails (horizontal frame pieces), stiles (vertical frame pieces), doors, and hinges. If your contractor will be building the cabinetry and constructing the frame pieces, they can use specific dimensions for each cabinet product.

The amount of kitchenware that you need to store within the kitchen may affect the overall design of the cabinetry that you select.

The Overlay

The overlay refers to the amount of the cabinet face that will be covered by the cabinet doors.

Your contractor can design inset, partial overlay, or full overlay cabinetry that features a face-framed design. Your contractor will show you examples of what each style looks like. This will help you choose a face-framed design that you are fond of.