Concrete Driveway Installation Tips For A Longer-Lasting And More Durable Surface

Posted on: 16 July 2020

A great way to finish your property landscaping and surfaces is with a concrete pad. Whether you are installing a parking slab or an entire driveway made of concrete, you will want the finished product to be durable to withstand the weight of your vehicles and also last for many decades without damage. Here are some recommendations for you as you plan and prepare to install your home concrete driveway.

Plan For a Durable Surface

One of the biggest qualities you come to expect in a concrete surface is its durability. Your concrete driveway needs to be durable and long-lasting, and you can take some steps to ensure this happens. 

If you are planning to mix your own concrete, you can add in extra cement to the mixture. More cement in your concrete mixture of sand, gravel, and water will provide more strength to your concrete driveway and help it last longer.

If you are preparing the forms yourself and planning for its installation, you will want the slab to be at least four inches thick. A four-inch thick slab is a standard thickness for a residential concrete slab, being able to provide the support for pickup trucks, vans, and other residential equipment. You don't need to worry about adding reinforcement rebar to your concrete unless you plan to use it for more heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. In this situation, you can always add an inch or two more to its thickness to give you the strength you want.

Also, be sure to add in control joints once the concrete has set up. Control joints allow for the concrete to expand and contract in certain weather conditions and helps control where cracks appear in the concrete when it cures instead of risking the concrete cracking on its own and causing damage.

Finish the Concrete

After you have poured your concrete into the prepared forms, there are a few more things you can do to ensure your concrete lasts a long time and looks great. Smooth the surface of your concrete, use a broom to finish the surface of the concrete and give it a slightly textured surface. This will give your concrete a bit of traction; however, if you want a smooth polished looking surface, leave it smoothed.

As the concrete cures, it is going to bleed a bit of water up onto the surface of the concrete. Don't push this back into the concrete layer with your trowel, as this will weaken the top layer of your concrete. Let the water evaporate as the concrete cures, and you will know the concrete will remain a solid surface.

If you need help with a concrete driveway installation, contact a contractor near you.