A Guide to Choosing the Right Shower Door Design Elements

Posted on: 21 July 2020

Shower doors can come in many styles and features, which will enhance the design of your bathroom renovations. You likely want to know if you should use a frameless design, frosted glass, or other elements for your shower glass and bathroom renovations. The following shower door and glass guide will help you choose the right design elements for your bathroom renovations:

Frame, Finishes, and Frameless Shower Glass

The frame of shower doors and shower glass can come in various styles. Some of the different shower door frame styles that you can use in your bathroom renovations include frameless, stainless steel, and polished plated metal finishes. These are a few of the variations of shower door frames that can also be in different types of molding styles and include decorative features. If you go with frameless glass, there will only be minimal brackets or mounting systems to hold the glass in place.

Clear or Frosted Shower Door Glass

When it comes to the glass in shower doors, you have several options to choose from for the type of glass. If you want a shower glass that gives you more privacy in the shower, there are options like textured and frosted glass. If you want a more open feeling in the bathroom to make it seem more spacious and you are not too concerned about privacy, clear shower glass may be the right option.

Different Decorative Shower Door Features

There are also different decorative features that can be done to shower door glass. These features can be textured or frosted details that are etched into the glass to give it a unique custom look. The features can be decorative patterns and details, or artistic designs that blend well with the design of your newly renovated bathroom.

Tempered Glass and Bathroom Glass Features

There is one feature that all shower glass needs, which is for it to be tempered. This is a special type of safety glass that is heat-treated and designed to shatter and not splinter—much like glass in your car. In addition to the shower doors, other features in your bathroom can also be done with this tempered glass, such as shelves, dividers, and shower niches that hold hygiene products.

The right design elements for your shower doors and glass will help give you a look you want in bathroom renovations. If you are ready to complete your bathroom, contact a shower door installer like California Reflections Inc and talk to them about these glass solutions for your project.