The Jet Well Pump Troubleshooting Guide to Solve Issues with Frozen Turbines

Posted on: 21 July 2020

There are a few styles of well pumps that are used to get water from a well casing to household plumbing. Surface jet pumps are a common solution and used in many rural areas. They have the advantage of being easier to maintain and repair. Jet pumps can also be vulnerable to problems like the turbine freezing due to buildup. Therefore, you may want to try some of the following troubleshooting tricks to unfreeze your pump:

Charging Tank Problems That Cause Pump Failures

Jet pumps work by charging the well with water from a tank. The tank sends a jet of water into the casing, which starts the circulation of water to the pump. If there is a problem with this charging tank like a leak, it can cause the jet pump to not work properly and run dry. If the pump is running without water circulating through it, the turbine and other parts can overheat and become damaged. Check the charging tank for problems with pressure and leaks that could be causing the problems with your jet pump.

Worn Bearings and Bushings Causing Turbine Damage

The lack of maintenance to your well pump can cause parts to wear and fail. It is important to use food-grade oil to lubricate parts before they fail. Sometimes, the problem with the pump's turbine can be due to worn bearings and bushings that need to be replaced if they have not been lubricated regularly. If you turn the pump on and the turbine rattles inside its casing, you will want to call a well pump repair service to fix this problem.

Mineral Buildup Stopping Turbine Movement

Mineral buildup or hard water can be another serious problem that causes well pump failures. This can also be a simple problem to solve with a jet pump. First, you need to turn the power off to the pump and drain the charging tank. Remove the cover from the turbine casing and try manually turning it. If the turbine is stiff and does not move freely, use a food-grade oil lubricant to clean it. If the lubrication of the turbine solves the problem, it was probably frozen due to natural mineral buildup.

Pressure Tank and Control Switch Problems

Lastly, your jet pump has a pressure system that consists of a pressure tank and a control switch. This is the system that turns the pump on and keeps the water pressure in your household plumbing. Sometimes, problems with the pressure tank and control switch can cause the pump to run non-stop and eventually fail. There may also be noises when you use your plumbing if the problem is due to a bad valve inside the pressure tank.

Troubleshooting your jet pump may get water flowing to plumbing again, but it could still have problems that need to be repaired. If you still need help with your equipment, contact a well pump repair service to diagnose and fix the problem.