Basement Waterproofing Improvements and Upgrades to Protect Newly-Finished Spaces

Posted on: 23 July 2020

The waterproofing of your foundation does more than keep water out of the basement. The foundation waterproofing and drainage systems also protect your home from damage. It is important that foundation waterproofing and drainage systems are inspected regularly, well-maintained, and updated if they are outdated. The following waterproofing upgrade guide will help you deal with outdated installations and protect your basement remodeling projects.

Drainage in Landscaping and Around Foundations

The drainage outside of your home is an important system to keep your foundation dry. Exterior drainage improvements that keep water away from the foundation include:

  • Landscaping canals or drain systems
  • Exterior foundation French drain systems
  • Improvements to gutter downspout pipes and roof overhangs

The improvements you do here should start with the landscaping and good watershed or drain systems. These exterior drainage improvements are to help keep the water that filters through the soil from causing structural damage while waterproofing failures.

Repairing Static Pressure Foundation Damage

Groundwater filters through soil naturally, which can be a problem when your foundation is in the way. The static water pressure from this process leads to structural damage to the foundation and failure of waterproofing systems. Before the waterproofing can be updated, the structural damage, like cracks in foundation walls, will need to be repaired.

Upgrade Dry and Outdated Waterproofing

The waterproofing of the foundation can also be dry and outdated, which is common with old asphalt-based sealants. These old sealants eventually fail, which can lead to leaks and water problems in the basement that cause structural damage to your home. Upgrades that can be done to improve waterproofing include:

  • Layered waterproofing and insulation
  • Using modern sealants that last longer than asphalt
  • Install geotextile membranes to reduce static water pressure

These waterproofing system upgrades help reduce problems with static water pressure, leaks, and water damage in your basement.

Add Drainage and Mechanical Sump Pump Systems 

Mechanical installations like sump pumps can also be part of foundation waterproofing and drainage. These are ideal solutions in areas that are prone to problems due to heavy rains, high water tables, and other issues with water or moisture. A sump pump can be connected to pipes of foundation drainage systems to remove any water or moisture from your basement.

With the right improvements and upgrades to foundations, your basement waterproofing will protect your investment in newly finished spaces. When you get ready to start remodeling, contact a basement waterproofing service for help with these improvements to waterproofing and drainage systems. Some companies, like Jaco Waterproofing, know how important waterproofing your basement is.