3 Accessories You Need For Your New Boat Dock

Posted on: 28 September 2021

If you are building a new boat dock on your property, you want to ensure you have the dock set up in the best possible manner. You don't simply want to have a dock; you want to have a dock that meets your needs. To achieve that, you need to equip your dock with the right accessories.

Accessory #1: Lights

It doesn't matter if you only plan on using your dock during the day—you will want to add lights to your dock. Lights will help ensure that any other watercraft in the area can see your dock from the water. Lights will also make it visible from land. Lights are not just for decoration—they are an essential safety feature.

You can add them on top of the pillars. If you want things to be more economical, you can add solar lights, so you don't have to add any hard wires down to the structure.

Accessory #2: Swim Ladder

Another great accessory to add to your dock is a swim ladder. Even if you don't plan on doing a lot of swimming near it, someone may want to get into the water at some point, or they may fall into the water, and having a swim ladder will make it easier to get in and out of the water. Make sure that you purchase a ladder designed to be slip-resistant to ensure the safety of anyone using it. Also, check and ensure that the hardware is not exposed, as that can be dangerous.

Accessory #3: Bumpers

Third, you are going to want to invest in bumpers for your boat. You may be excellent at maneuvering your boat around, but even with great skill, there is still a chance that your boat will hit up against the dock due to driving error or even just due to the current moving your boat as it sits in the water.

Having bumpers installed around your dock will help to minimize damage to both your boat and your dock should they come into contact with one another. The bumper will absorb the shock instead of the boat or the dock, which will save you from having to deal with the damage.

If you are installing a new boat dock, be sure to add boat dock accessories that will enhance its function and security. Add lights, a swim ladder, and bumpers to make both a safe and useful space. Discuss with your contractor other ways you can enhance the function and safety of the dock.