3 Things You Need To Know About Stucco Repair

Posted on: 12 April 2022

Stucco siding can be incredibly durable, lasting for decades when properly installed. However, if you notice cracks or buckles in your stucco, it's best to address this damage as soon as possible. The good news is that stucco repair services can have your stucco exterior looking good as new in no time at all. However, stucco repair is trickier than you may expect, and it takes skill to do a seamless repair that matches the rest of your home's exterior. Here's what to know about stucco repair

How Stucco Repair Works

If your stucco exterior has damage, knowing how stucco repair works can be helpful. First, the damaged stucco must be removed, taking care not to remove secure sections with it. Next, any underlying damage should be addressed, and new furring strips and metal mesh added on top. Then new layers of stucco are added. However, ensuring that the new stucco is the same formula as the old stucco is crucial. While you can tackle these repairs on your own, often, you'll see the best results if you use professional stucco repair services. 

How Long It Takes

Stucco repair takes time, and the more extensive the damage, the longer it will take. Minor repairs to a stucco exterior may only require a handful of hours. However, more extensive repairs will take two to three days. Each layer of stucco has to dry before a new one can be applied. The weather also impacts stucco repair. If it's too cold or wet, the stucco will not dry. Making sure that weather conditions are appropriate for stucco repair is essential. 

How Much It Costs

How much you pay for stucco repair services will mainly depend on the extent of the repairs. The larger the damaged area, the more stucco repair will set you back. The type of stucco you have on your home also impacts the cost of repair. Most homeowners pay anywhere from $900 to $3,000 for stucco repair services. Your repair costs will vary, but you can get a quote for the repairs before the work begins. 

If you need stucco repair, there are a few things to know. First, knowing how stucco repair works will give you insight into what to expect. Second, stucco repair services can take a few hours or a few days, depending on the size of the repairs. Finally, stucco repair services will cost you a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.