3 Signs Your Pool Needs A Resurfacing Repair

Posted on: 26 April 2022

Even if you regularly clean and maintain your pool to keep it in good shape, there may be times when its surface needs a repair. As part of your maintenance schedule, it's worth looking at the surface more closely to see signs of possible problems.

While cracks are easy to spot, there are other signs of damage you should look for on your pool's surface. How can you tell if your surface has a potential problem?

1. Stains

While chemicals and treatments sometimes leave stains on a pool's surface, staining can also be a sign of a more serious problem. Your surface might be compromised in some way.

For example, some stains appear when a pool's surface gets eroded. This can also happen if you have some damage to the pool, such as cracks. If water gets into the cracks, then bacteria gets inside and leaves stains. Unlike surface staining, you'll find it hard to shift these marks. They are usually internal.

2. Peeling

If you have some finishing plaster on your pool, then it sometimes gives you hints that the surface isn't in good shape. For example, plaster can sometimes peel off the surface. This can happen as the plaster ages and loses some of its structure. Or, sometimes, plaster can peel off if it is exposed to the wrong chemicals.

In either case, you should fix peeling plaster as soon as you can. Once plaster starts to come away from the surface of your pool, then it exposes the underlying structure to potential damage.

For example, the surface under the plaster could get damaged by the water in your pool and its chemicals. Once this happens, you'll have a more serious repair to deal with.

3. Pitting

Pool surfaces sometimes start to break down as they get older. Constant contact with water and pool chemicals can cause some surfaces to erode.

For example, you might feel that the floor of your pool is rougher than it used to be when you walk on it. Or, you might see tiny pits in your pool walls.

While these marks might look small, they are a sign of a serious problem. They generally appear when both plaster and concrete have been damaged.

If you spot signs of pool surface damage early, then you might just need a simple repair. However, if you leave the problem for longer, then you could end up paying more for a complete resurface if the damage spreads. To find out more, contact local pool repair services.