Commercial Spray Foam Roofing: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 27 May 2022

Spray foam roofing involves spraying a liquid on an existing roofing system for reawakening or repair purposes. Once the liquid is sprayed on the roof, it expands into foam, covering the entire roof. After applying the foam, a base coat is applied over it to boost its waterproofing abilities. A top coat is then applied for UV protection, lowering air conditioning usage and enhancing its longevity. The technology is appropriate for commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, and cold storage facilities. This roofing technology is unique and offers multiple features and benefits, including:

Easy Installation and Maintenance

If you're operating a business you can't afford to close to give time for roof installation or repair, worry not because spay foam roofing is easy to install and won't disrupt your operations. After pouring the liquid and allowing it to create a foam, it takes the shape of the existing roof, including any irregularities and additional roofing materials like shingles. The roofer then completes the final stages of the installation as the technology is self-flashing. 

High Energy Efficiency 

Spray foam roofing offers excellent insulating properties. Once you install it on your building, expect huge financial returns by saving on energy bills. Its high thermal resistance lets it maintain internal temperatures while locking out the atmospheric temperatures. With little cold or warm air escaping your building, it maintains warm temperatures during winter and cool temperatures during summer. Additionally, you can use a reflective coating on it to create a cool roof.


After installation, spray foam roofing lasts a long time without the need for a replacement. Even after the warranty period expires, you'll likely not have to worry because it's only the protective top layer that often needs repair. As a result, you'll only apply a re-coat which is cheaper than a total roof replacement. The re-coat renews the roofing system's life to serve you for another extended period, making it a sustainable and cost-effective roofing choice.

Great Versatility

Another advantage of spray foam roofing is applying it on any roof. The technology is ideal for new construction, an old roof, smooth or saw-toothed surfaces, or irregular slopes. You can also apply it on tanks, coolers, pipes, ductwork, or other items near the roof.

In Conclusion

Spray foam roofing is an ideal roofing system that is energy-efficient, affordable, lightweight, and easy to install. Like other roofing systems, precise installation is vital, hence the need to seek commercial spray foam roofing services. Seeking professional services saves you much hassle because the contractor prepares your roof accordingly and avoids over spraying. Additionally, they inspect your roof periodically to ensure the layer is intact.

For more information about commercial spray foam roofing, contact a local contractor.