Should You Convert Your Single Bathroom Into Two?

Posted on: 28 September 2022

Do you have a large bathroom in your home? If so, you may have the potential to increase both functionality and home value by turning it into two bathrooms instead. Why might you do this? And how? Here's what you need to know about splitting a bathroom.  

Why Convert Into Two Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are an integral part of daily life in any household. However, they don't often get their fair share of attention. Are you putting up with a lack of bathrooms? Having to share bathrooms is one of the biggest sources of family conflict, especially as kids get older. So, adding a bathroom can be a huge relief in a busy home. 

Additional bathrooms are also one of the best ways to improve your home's sale value. Nowadays, buyers expect more bathrooms in a house than they used to. This is especially problematic if your home only has one bathroom or if the master suite doesn't have its own en suite. Finding a way to create a second bath could result in a big return on your investment. 

How Can You Convert a Bathroom Into Two?

Dividing a single room into two functional rooms requires creativity and flexibility. Of course, it starts with having enough space. You may want to look not only at the space in the existing bathroom but also in the surrounding rooms. Could you steal some extra square footage from other rooms, closets, corridors, or other nearby spaces? 

You may not be able to craft two complete and identical bathrooms out of one. But don't give up. There is value in turning a single bathroom into one full-size bath and one half-bath or powder room, for example. This gives public access to the powder room while keeping the larger bath for a bedroom or shared family use. 

Another alternative could be to create a Jack-and-Jill-style bathroom setup. In this scenario, both bathrooms would have a toilet and vanity for individual use. However, both also have access to a shared space, usually encompassing the shower and/or bathtub. Since these spaces are used less often, the whole arrangement still provides greater privacy and separation. 

Where Should You Start?

As mentioned, rethinking your single bathroom for conversion into two can be challenging. You may need to think outside the box—sometimes literally. The best place to turn for help is an experienced general contractor in your area. With their practical help and your vision, you'll soon have a home that's more enjoyable and less stressful for all. 

Contact a local general contractor to learn more.