5 Ways To Break A Mental Block While Planning A Bathroom Renovation

Posted on: 16 February 2023

Many elements of a bathroom renovation are obvious. You are going to want to do something with the shower and tub, the tiles, and the fixtures. This approach can leave you wanting more but also feeling mentally blocked. Here are several ways to break a mental block so you can enjoy a bathroom remodeling effort more.

Get Colorful

Start looking at colorful options for the remodel. Tiles are a great starting point if you don't want to get too wild. Alternatively, you could make a very colorful statement with stained glass windows. Choosing an unusual color for wallpaper or paint is a great way to make the walls more visually exciting, too. You can also play with LED lights that allow you to change the colors to set the mood.

Find a Focal Point

Another way to break through a mental block is to identify where you could establish a focal point in a bathroom remodel. For example, you might install a large mirror to create an instant focus. Making one wall a solid and contrasting color is another option. Adding a large piece of art such as a blown-up photograph can provide interest, too. Even the right window can be a good focal point.

Go Functional but Unusual

The functionality level in an average bathroom is pretty boring. About the most exciting thing you'll see is perhaps a voice assistant attached to a stereo system or maybe an advanced storage system. If you have lots of skincare or beauty products that need cooling, though, you could install a mini-fridge to protect them from the heat. Someone who finds their bathroom too cold might add a fireplace.

Plan a Retro Design

Subway tiles and claw-foot tubs can instantly give a bathroom a retro look. Cast iron materials are also nice additions to rails and knobs, and they're less problematic with modern anti-rust treatments. You could also use older wallpaper patterns and paints to feed into the retro vibe.

Explore Different Materials

Bathrooms rightly have a bad reputation for being white, smooth, and visually antiseptic. This often triggers a creative funk when people think about bathroom renovation. However, you can break out unique materials.

Stone products add texture and tonal differences compared to tiles, for example. Reclaimed materials like metal fixtures and distressed wood can give a bathroom the feel of an old farmhouse. Even using a few different materials in a couple of spots can break up the monotony.

For more information, contact a bathroom renovation service near you.